Graduation blog

This blog describes the graduation project of Jet Gispen. The goal is to investigate how design can bridge the gap between science and society. With a research through design approach speculative design artefacts will be created to research ethical dilemma's of emerging technologies. By discussing  these artefacts both with experts and laypeople a framework for 'ethics through design' will be developed.

Diving right in

To get a grip on my topic I decided to dive right in and freshen up my knowledge on ethics and technology. My graduation chair Marco Roozendaal suggested I read this book: "Op de Vleugels van Icarus" by Dutch technology philosopher Peter-Paul Verbeek. 

The book is about how, from a philosophical perspective, technology has a morale. Verbeek articulately describes how since humans and technology are entangled they both have a morale. And if designers are those who create and give form to these morally loaded technologies, they have the responsibility to consider the ethics of their designs.

I greatly agree with Verbeek and think his work provides a solid foundation for my thoughts on this role of the designer. He also provides me with inspiring references to other philosophers and their thoughts on the subject of ethics of technology.

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