Graduation blog

This blog describes the graduation project of Jet Gispen. The goal is to investigate how design can bridge the gap between science and society. With a research through design approach speculative design artefacts will be created to research ethical dilemma's of emerging technologies. By discussing  these artefacts both with experts and laypeople a framework for 'ethics through design' will be developed.

Speculative design approaches

Yesterday I met with PhD candidate Ricardo Mejia to discuss his insights on existing speculative design approaches. In his PhD project he distinguishes between approaches, methodologies, methods, techniques, toolkits and tools (ranging from abstract to concrete respectively). He discovered there is a lack of more concrete tools and techniques regarding speculative design.

When I started looking into existing speculative design approaches I was a bit concerned that there might not be a direct need for another method. But after discussing this with Ricardo I realised my challenge is to design a practical method/technique for considering the ethical implications of a design.  This helped me to define the theoretical framework of my project.

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