Graduation blog

This blog describes the graduation project of Jet Gispen. The goal is to investigate how design can bridge the gap between science and society. With a research through design approach speculative design artefacts will be created to research ethical dilemma's of emerging technologies. By discussing  these artefacts both with experts and laypeople a framework for 'ethics through design' will be developed.

Designer's Code of Conduct

Looking into 'ethical behaviour' I find many examples of business ethics and several codes of conduct. Doctors and lawyers are very well aware that their profession includes taking an oath to promise to do their job responsibly. So why don't designers do this?

I found two interesting examples of a 'Designer's Code of Conduct. The first one has been developed to serve as an official body in providing designer's with the ability to accredit their responsible practice.

The second is a moral code that was presented and discussed at the What Design Can Do conference last year. The attendees of the conference were asked to take the oath.

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