Best Graduate TU Delft 2017!!


Today, at the Best of TU Delft Ceremony, eight Best Graduates, each representing his or her faculty, competed for the ultimate 2017 Best Graduate of TU Delft. 

The graduates, 4 men and 4 women, each pitched  their research and results of their master thesis. Approximately 200 colleagues, students, friends and family members cheered them on in the Aula of TU Delft. After the presentations, the jury, consisting of Anka Mulder (Vice President Education & Operations), Professor Peter Wieringa (Vice Rector) and Evelyne Esveld (Director of the Delft University Fund), had the difficult task of choosing the ultimate winner.

Anka Mulder on behalf of the jury: "They are all winners. But ... there can only be one the Best: Jet Gispen, with the relevant theme 'Ethics for Designers: Incorporating ethics into the design process'. Congratulations Jet! "

As the proud winner I received, in addition to the statuette Towards a bright future, an extra cash prize of 2,500 euros, a KIVI membership and a new laptop offered by Dell. I feel very honored to have won this award and look forward to what it will bring me.


Jet GispenComment