Workshop at Bootcamp Smart Citizenship


In the global rat race of competitive cities, the belief in ‘smart solutions’ seems almost evangelical. But what do we find beyond the dystopia of a city that is too smart? In this bootcamp we seek for human-centric approaches to the development of city and society, balancing efficiency and ethics.

In this boot camp we will explore, discuss and develop scenarios that shape the future in a responsible way. You will interact with internationally recognised speakers, working in practice and academia. In two company visits you will learn about practical implication – at the IBM Center for Advanced Study we will for example deal with the ethics of artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and Watson cognitive computing. The full three days revolve around you and your bright-minded peers. Join us this summer!

On August 25th I hosted a workshop in which we explored, discussed and developed scenarios that shape the future of smart cities in a responsible way. Participants were young professionals (0-5 years experience) from various fields with an interest or stake in the development of smart cities. During the workshop we developed future scenarios to discuss various ethical issues. 


Jet GispenComment