Exceed! exhibition of excellent projects


I am proud to announce that my graduation project has been selected for the Exceed '17 exhibition at my faculty! Drop by between June 7th and 22nd to check out Ethics for Designers.

The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft is hosting the first in a series of reflective events (exhibitions and debates) that are part of the run-up to the 50th anniversary of IDE in 2019. During the first exhibition, to take place in June 2017, a curated selection of 25 of the most remarkable and exemplary case studies that were initiated or completed during the last 2 years will be put in the limelight. 

Student work, (past) graduation projects, PhD explorations and other research that excelled, amazed and/or confronted will be brought together and form a conscious accelerator and foundation for an open debate about the role of the complementary and (often) overlapping fields of design, research and technology in both physical and virtual contexts on a local, as well as a global scale.

More information about the exhibition and a catalog of all the projects can be found here.


Jet GispenComment