Turn The Page magazine

exhibition design, graphic design

A print magazine that keeps our fellow students, staff and alumni up to date on everything design related

Time frame: 2013 – 2014 | extracurricular

Team: 8 bachelor students


Writing and designing a print magazine to keep fellow students, staff and alumni up to date on everything faculty & design related


Time frame: 2013 – 2014 | extracurricular
Team: 8 bachelor students

Turn The Page is the magazine of our industrial design faculty. With a circulation of 6600 it is quite a widespread piece of print. With the committee we did acquisitions, decided on content, performed interviews, wrote articles and did the entire layout. As chairwoman I was responsible for making sure this ran smoothly, besides working on my own articles.

You can find the digital pdf’s of the editions we made here: TTP #47, TTP #48, TTP #49, TTP #50


I learned a lot during this year. I drastically improved my graphic design and writing skills and was confronted with my leadership capabilities. Since this experience I have become very conscious of my report layouts and design communications. The fourth edition we made was the 50th and therefore we upped our acquisition game. With the extra funding we were able to organise an exhibition at the faculty to show all the editions of Turn The Page.